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Friday, December 29, 2006

It's almost here

Just 3 days until next year and the last game of the college football season for Michigan. I can't describe how much this season has meant to me considering all that we went through last season. Sure it hurts to not get a chance to play for a NC because I thought this team was capable of it but get the W against USC on Monday and this season is still very successful. It would also lay the foundation for a run in 07 with all the returners we have.

News from the USC camp is Thomas Williams has been moved back to LB from FB due to the injuries to starters Dallas Sartz and Brian Cushing who have been unable to practice. Both Sartz and Cushing are expected to play but it could have an impact during the game. Also, Steve Smith believes the secondary is vulnerable where Morgan Trent lines up. Yes it is true that the WR on Trent will have more of an advantage than when on Leon Hall but much like the UCLA game I expect Booty to be on the ground more often than not due to the pressure of our front 4.

Can't wait to head out to Pasadena, if any of you are heading out and see a SUV with M BLUE 1 license plate of California, that's me, feel free to stop by.

Let's Go Blue!!!

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