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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Big Ten Roundtable

From Around the Oval:

1. Call me crazy, but it seems like the refs have been even worse this year than usual. I've noticed what seems like an unusal amount of questionable calls/non-calls go against the Buckeyes this season, but then, I am just a little biased, and the only referee performances I notice are the crappy ones. What have you thought of the Big Ten refs this season? Do any especially bad calls stand out to you?

I haven't noticed anything especially bad this season but I haven't watched too many Big Ten games outside of Michigan. The one really bad call I did watch was the Purdue/Penn State game when I believe Selwyn Lymon went clearly out of bounds after a reception and the ref kept winding the clock forcing Purdue to call a timeout they needed later in the game.

2. How is recruiting going for your team? Any incoming players that opponents should be concerned about for 2008, or will the cupboards be left bare? (Note: If you don't follow recruiting, please post an entertaining picture of some sort at this point.)

Recruiting is going well considering the terrible start it's the usual Michigan recruiting class with a solid group of incoming recruits. There are some holes on the OL and S but there's still plenty of time in the recruiting season and a strong finish could help out. It would be great to land the safeties we're recruiting at Long Beach Poly to continue building that pipeline and because I love it when Michigan has plenty of California representation on the team. I'd say the players most likely to be known for next season as freshmen will be RB Sam McGuffie, CB Boubacar Cissoko and possibly WR Daryl Stonum because we always seem to play true freshmen receivers as blockers to get experience but he could end up playing a bigger role if Mario and Adrian leave for the NFL.

3. The OSU-Michigan game is taken pretty seriously 'round these parts. For at least this week, the rivalry is all-consuming for just about every OSU fan I know. But let's face it, there's plenty more to hate (or at least dislike) in college football than our rivals. So, other than your team's current rival(s), what team, person, rule, concept, intangible object, etc., would you like to declare a rival, the better to focus your hatred on them/it?
  1. Ignorant, arrogant USC fans that just hopped on the bandwagon, hopefully going away soon
  2. Rocky Top
  3. USC band playing the same song after every play
  4. Tennessee
  5. Pete Carroll
  6. Phil Fulmer
  7. Jeremiah Johnson (pounding the hammer on the M)
  8. Sweatervest
  9. Florida
  10. Nebraska
  11. Tim Tebow
  12. Teams that get overrated by playing a weak schedule
  13. BCS
  14. Charlie Weis
  15. Karl Dorrell for ruining UCLA Football
  16. USC
  17. West Coast homers that don't appreciate football outside of the Pac-10



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