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Thursday, November 08, 2007

My new theory on the Kobe situation, probably way off

Last week it was reported that Kobe had vetoed a trade that was in place to send him to Chicago. It confirmed reports that Kobe was not willing to go to Chicago if Luol Deng would be sent back to Los Angeles. As I read this part of me thought that maybe Kobe doesn't want to leave anymore and this was before the two big wins over Phoenix and Utah. Kobe is known as a stubborn person and I think that he does not want to admit that he doesn't want to leave anymore. So he vetoes this trade and any other future trade to stay in Los Angeles while not admitting that he messed up. It's probably way off base but it's the first thing that came to mind when I saw the article.

Another interesting point which was brought up by a buddy of mine as well as an ESPN article is how much mileage is left in Kobe? If he opts out will he truly have the demand that we think he will? Granted if Kobe is all about winning as he says, and I believe him, then I wouldn't be shocked to see him opt out and sign for the MLE somewhere.



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