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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Days like Saturday are why I love college football

It was sort of ironic that Saturday turned out the way it did considering my Friday night at the Dodgers game. While tailgating one of my friends asked me if I was still watching college football this season. I was sort of surprised at this question considering my friends know my obsession with the sport. But my friend's question shows the thought process of the typical LA area fan. He's not a college football fan by any means but he says to me something along the lines of considering the way the season started I would've assumed you stopped watching because you have nothing left to play for. His reasoning was we no longer had a shot at the national championship so considering the expectations coming into the season there was no need to follow the team anymore. I can tell you that if USC loses two games in a row the bandwagon would empty so fast it wouldn't even be funny as most people out here think that way as well.

Then came Saturday which started with another sloppy ugly win for Michigan. I don't even know where to start with this coaching staff. I am, along with many others, continually disgusted at the playcalling by Mike DeBored, and as MGoBlog says "Throwing Rock since 1969." Everyone knows first down is a stretch run left, the exact same f(*#ing play. At least when Henne was playing it changed up a little bit but even then the plays are still predictable. I can't remember the last time I saw a play action pass that wasn't a rollout that was thrown to the tight end. Is it too much to ask to perhaps maybe throw in a play action on first down when the defense is stacking the box expecting it go left to Mike Hart? It's no wonder we get beat every season with all the talent we have because our coaching cannot adapt to the times.

After the Michigan game ended I immediately turned to the Cal-Oregon game so I could show my friends why I endorse Jeff Tedford as our next head coach. Tedford opened with a pass, then a play action pass, something I couldn't even tell you the last time I saw Michigan call. Yes Tedford is a west coast guy but I'm gonna hold onto the dream of bringing him out to AA once Coach Carr retires. His history of developing QB's with our tradition of QB's would be a perfect match. He would bring our offense out of the dark ages and back to competing on the national level. Right now we can only play in the Big Ten and then get beat whenever we go out of conference.

Now onto the big story of the weekend which was 5 of the top 10 teams losing. Days like this are why I watch college football, no matter what is on paper any team can go down any day, as Michigan fans saw first hand on September 1st. No other sport brings so much intensity into each game because each game is a playoff. I'll have my new top 25 up later and obviously it will feature a lot of new changes. It's amazing to see this coming Saturday which was supposed to feature a number of big time games including Texas-Oklahoma and Florida-LSU lose some of their luster as 3 of the previously undefeated teams went down this past weekend as it seems like both Texas and Oklahoma looked ahead and were not focused on the game at hand. Cal came through with a big time win at Oregon and now are the next team up after LSU and USC, although from what I've seen this season I believe Cal can beat USC. We still have to wait over a month until that game though and as we saw last weekend we can't get ahead of ourselves.

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