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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Make or Break Time

The battle of winless teams is only hours away but I feel an unusual calmness about myself as we head into this game. Sure it could be partly because I feel as if the season is over but I just have this weird sense of confidence that we will get the job done today. I believe in Ryan Mallett being able to get the job done and most especially I believe that Mike Hart will not let this team lose today.

This team is at a crossroads today. If they do not get the job done today there's no telling how bad this season could be. I've told my friends I believe this team will implode if we lose today. Watching Hart start yelling at Adam Kraus and then shaking the coaches off in staying in the game we could see a major meltdown if we don't get the W today. But I believe in this team today and I don't think it will happen.

Sure we're upset at the way this season has started but there's still 10 more games to be played. Do I expect us to run the table? Absolutely not. But I do expect this team to play much better than we have the first two weeks and continue to improve and as long as that's the case we will have a chance to win every game we play and that's all that I ask for. The effort, which it seems we have been lacking for the past two weeks, needs to show up. People across the country are all ready to continue to hammer on us if we don't get the job done. We cannot let this happen. I have faith in this team to turn it around starting today. For everyone heading out to the Big House let's get behind this team and show them the support they need. Let's Go Blue! Beat the Irish!



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