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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blogpoll Roundtable 3.2

1. Handicap your team's chances to win your conference championship. If your team is not the favorite who is?

After 3 weeks I'd say our chances of winning the conference championship lie around 35%. Just a rough estimate. I still think this team could pull it together and get it done considering we do play in the Big Ten where there are no other spread offenses the like of Oregon or even Appalachian State. I'd say the favorite right now is Wisconsin/Ohio State, I can't make up my mind. Both teams have not looked overly impressive but they are getting the job done.

2. Outline the (realistic) best case and worst case scenarios for your team.

Best Case: The team that we thought was showing up at the beginning of the season does show up we run the table and make it to the Rose Bowl, then get beat by whatever team in the Pac-10 that shows up with lots of speed and spread ability.

Worst Case: Only getting wins over Northwestern, Eastern Michigan and Minnesota while losing to everyone else leaving the team at 4-8 and making the Year of Infinite Pain of 2 years ago look like a great season.

3. We're only 3 games into the season but teams and storylines are starting to take shape. Compare your team to a character or theme from a fable or children's tale.

Even though MGoBlog has already said it I have to agree with him and say Humpty Dumpty.

4. Imagine you're coach of your team. Give three specific changes you'd implement immediately which you think would have the biggest impact on improving your team.

First, as Brian said in his response, stop making everything so damn predictable. We all know when a true freshman wide receiver enters the game it's going to be a run. We all know the first play of every game is run to the left side.

Second, as Dave from Maize N' Brew said, stop with the soft zone.

Finally I would get rid of Mike Gittleson and the outdated Strength and Conditioning coaching that our program currently uses. Our players seem to get slower once they get to Ann Arbor and we need to get with the times and get rid of the outdated H.I.T. technique that pretty much every other school in the country has stopped using.

5. USC, LSU/Florida, and Oklahoma have established themselves as frontrunners in the early going. Which other team or teams are you eyeballing as potential BCS party crashers?

Definitely have to throw in West Virginia as they have impressed. Also need to look at the winner of the California/Oregon contest next week as a possibility as well. I would also mention South Florida but their win over Auburn doesn't look nearly as good as it did a week ago.



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