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Monday, August 27, 2007

Preseason Top 25

The last weekend of the year without football has come and gone and now the games begin starting on Thursday. That said I haven't had a chance to post my thoughts on the upcoming season so here we begin with my top 25:

1. USC
2. LSU
3. West Virginia
4. Michigan
5. Texas
6. Oklahoma
7. Louisville
8. Wisconsin
9. Florida
10. Ohio State
11. Virginia Tech
12. California
13. Georgia
14. Arkansas
15. Auburn
16. UCLA
17. Penn State
18. Texas A&M
19. Florida State
20. Tennessee
21. Hawaii
22. Rutgers
23. TCU
24. Nebraska
25. Boise State

So there it is my first take of the 2007 college football season. Nothing earth shattering, IMO at least in the initial poll. I really like LSU this year, even with the loss of Jamarcus Russell as Matt Flynn has shown in his limited PT that he can lead the Tigers. Oklahoma has questions at QB as Sam Bradford takes over but the nation must learn the name DeMarco Murray as he will be all over highlight reels this season. I like the offense at Cal as well but similar to Michigan they lost a lot on defense and that is the big question. Let's see if Franchione can finally get it going at A&M, with all the weapons he has at his disposal with McGee, Lane, Goodson and Bennett there will be no excuses in College Station this year. Hawaii should go unbeaten with their schedule and Colt Brennan will put up huge numbers all year long for him to be at least in the discussion for the Heisman. We only have 3 days left as 4 top 25 teams are in action on Thursday as LSU, Rutgers, Louisville and Boise State all kickoff. There's nothing like the anticipation of a new season, I can't wait.



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