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Thursday, September 06, 2007

What more is there to say

It's been very difficult dealing with the debacle that was last Saturday. I haven't read, watched, listened to much about the game but two points I wanted to make about it. First is the unnecessary use of the 2 point conversion. In the 3rd quarter it was way too early for the coaching staff to go for 2. Was the coaching staff really concerned that we wouldn't score again and would need a FG to potentially tie the game? Replace the two missed two point conversions with two extra points and its a tie game going into overtime. The other point is on Crable's blocking on last FG block. Rule number one of PAT/FG blocking is always take the inside man. Granted I only saw the replay two times because I couldn't stomach it anymore but from what I saw it was the man inside of Crable that got to the ball untouched.

It was very tough getting from San Francisco to Berkeley after the game to watch Cal-Tennessee. Everywhere we went it was tough to stomach the smack talk coming from all the fans. At least the Cal fans were very classy but the Tennessee fans we encountered were what was expected from them and I'll leave it at that. It was probably the best thing for me to go to that game as it made me completely forget about the debacle. I've got some pictures that I'll put up later including some of the PR TD that DeSean Jackson had. Speaking of which, it reminded me of something Steve Breaston would do as we have seen Breaston make many jukes like that in his day, he just wouldn't be able to take it to the house. The difference is that Jackson has ridiculous breakaway speed that Breaston didn't.

And now I am in Ann Arbor for the next 10 days to watch the Oregon and Notre Dame games. This whole season was supposed to be something special but that has been taken from us 1 week into the year. Typically during my trips from Los Angeles to Detroit I get hyped up and there's a lot of excitement as I know I'm heading to the Big House but that was missing during my flight today. Don't get me wrong I will be in the Stadium these next two weeks screaming my head off and supporting my team but it's like the wind has been taken out of my sails for now. I'm ready for the second wind to kick in on Saturday morning. The optimist in me still wants to believe we can run the rest of the table and make the Rose Bowl, then the realist in me which witnessed last Saturday knows that if Appalachian State was able to tear up our D like that Oregon is definitely capable. I just hope this Michigan team comes out and plays like I know it's capable of and that's all I can ask for.

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