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Monday, April 16, 2007

Alex Legion released from LOI

As expected Alex Legion has been granted a release from his Letter of Intent he signed with Michigan. The article states that Michigan will still recruit him but I hope we do not. Numerous scouts and people who follow basketball closely have said that Legion would be a great fit with Beilein's offense. He is just looking for an excuse to get out and he got it. Legion initially committed, then de-committed, only to re-commit and sign his LOI before he asked out for it now. There is no need for Coach Beilein to waste his time and resources to recruit him and he should look elsewhere if he wants to bring in another player for this class.

Also of note is Reed Baker will be leaving the team, which opens up 2 scholarships with Legion asking out now. So Coach Beilein could bring in 2 players for this class but considering how late in the game it is I doubt that will happen. This will leave either 2 or 3 scholarships for the 2008 class dependent upon if another player is found for this class or not. I think it would be better to wait considering most of the top players are already signed and with the good season I expect from this team next year it would open up more doors to many recruits in the 08 class.

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